Saturday, March 28, 2009

Letters, we get letters.

Awoke in beautiful, but very cold, Kansas City to this poetic missive from someone named 'Miss Aria'.
"Your photography skills are terrible. My good friend Bruce smith would blow you away. Where did you learn to shoot my Grandma ?
Go back to school and learn to shoot. My dog could shoot better then you if i gave him the remote for my camera. How do you expect to charge this much when you suck balls."
I didn't edit it, so as to keep the flavour of the gentle Miss Aria.

I will write Miss Aria someday to ask what I could possibly have done to make her so angry. But for now, I will simply pass on it. Lovely woman, indeed.

As for her 'good friend', Bruce Smith (we capitalize names here), he is indeed an excellent photographer. Forgetting that he has such colorful and interesting friends, you should check his work out.

If you are near the UK, you should consider a workshop with him. But when you do, use your real name... most civilized people like that.

EDIT: You can read below what Bruce responded with. He doesn't believe Miss Aria is a friend of his and I can't imagine it either. The great thing that came out of this is that I got to meet Bruce online, and take a look inside his new book.

He has a great little blog going as well here:

Check it out. And check out his book too. Links at the site.


Bruce Smith said...

Hello Keith

I am so sad to read such a message from a so called friend of mine.

Your reaction to it is that of a gentleman.

If you find out who this Miss Aria, please let me know. They are no friend of mine if they can be so insulting of a fellow photographer.

All the best with your work and your blog.

A very disapointed Bruce Smith

brucesmithphoto said...

To Don

Sorry I miss read who wrote the blog .


Don said...

No problem, Bruce. Thanks for the look inside your book. That looks great. I will take some time to look it over and do a post on it. Well done, man.

Having a conversation with you is the benefit of having someone do something tacky. Interesting how that all works.

Thanks for the kind note, and I look forward to meeting you someday.