Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seth's Blog: Where have all the agents gone?

Well, he puts it right out there. No more stagnation. No more status-quo. No more money for nothin'... You gotta really bring it to make a difference as an 'agent.' Really bring it! Read the whole thing and ask yourself how you are gonna 'bring it' to make a difference.
Seth's Blog: Where have all the agents gone?:

Travel agents... gone.
Stock brokers... gone.
Real estate brokers... in trouble. Photographer's agents, too.
Literary agents?

The problem with being a helpful, efficient but largely anonymous middleman is pretty obvious. Someone can come along who is cheaper, faster and more efficient. And that someone might be the customer aided by a computer.

The airlines don't want to pay travel agents, because the travel agents were making more money on each flight than they were. Some house sellers hesitate to pay real estate brokers because they don't believe the 6% payment is an opportunity, they see it as a tax. Investors abandoned full service stock brokers because trading stocks directly is faster and more accurate than using the phone."

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