Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Entry in the Chase Jarvis Shoe Project (@chasejarvis - I need to send these shoes out... to somebody)

This thing started a couple of years ago. The shoes were sent out to 'photographers' who held on to them for months at a time.

The website: http://www.chasejarvisshoeproject.com/
A. Will not log me on.
B. Will not send me my lost password

The Flickr Forum seems to be totally dead.

The email I have for someone "in charge" doesn't get answered.

The Blog that people are sent to for more information hasn't been updated since early June.

So I have a pair of shoes in a box, and I cannot find who to send them to next.

If anyone is involved in this project, please get in touch with me with some information.

If Chase is still involved, please let me know if you have anyone who is still connected.

Thank you.

NOTE: NEW PHONE NUMBER: 602 814 1468
Don Giannatti:
Designer / Photographer / Writer

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