Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Media Photographer Podcast has some great content this week. And an interview with Wizwow - that's me!

This week: Rosh interviews photographer Don Giannatti.

  • New Media Photographer: A photographer who publishes to the web.
  • Time: 45:00
  • Podcast hosted by Rosh Sillars
  • This podcast is about new media, social media and digital marketing for the photographer.
  • Topics on this week’s show: Social media for Droid, weather bug, evernote, delicious.com, twitter.com/wizwow. Are you losing opportunities? Little rant from Rosh, Leaving home.  Trevor Current social media post

Very honored to have had the opportunity to chat with Rosh this past week. Thanks, Rosh. It is a very good podcast all around, man.

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