Monday, September 27, 2010

Crowdsourcing is Corporate Jargon  | Permission To Suck

Crowdsourcing is tainted so let’s gift it to corporations for their Power Point presentations.  It belongs to those who use the millennium’s broad bandwidth of human connection to capture creative innovation for personal or corporate profit.  It’s Jargon. Crowdsourcing is using the innovation of a crowd with similar interests to further a cause. Ultimately, in most cases, this means financial profit.

It’s not evil, but let’s get real, crowdsourcing isn’t innovation as much as novelty. Structuring a business around crowdsourcing is doing little more than upping your pool of freelance talent in order to put downward pressure on price and upward pressure on uniqueness. The former almost always happens, the latter is much tougher to achieve. [see iStockPhoto]

I am simply not sold on Crowdsourcing. It seems like a terrible idea to me. Looking for the common denominator or the average of the group is not what I want to do. I want to find/be a unique voice, I want to solo instead of carry the background... to be heard and succeed of fail on my own voice... not let the weight of the crowd push to one side. Or the other.

Crowdsourcing seems like mob rule. Crowdsourcing to me seems like working for spec while looking for the mediocre solution.

Crowdsourcing doesn't even work when trying to find a place to eat lunch with three friends... and usually the compromise meal is one a few notches down than the individual choices that would have been made.

Color me skeptical of this whole bullshit approach to problem solving and creativity.

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