Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lena Hyde from Design Aglow | The Photography Parlour

Interview with Lena Hyde from Design Aglow marketing for photographers

What is the biggest marketing mistake you see photographers often making?

Hands down, giving away the high resolution files or selling them for a very low price. If you give away the files for $1000, you will never have a sale over $1000. Price the files according to your sales goal or sell them at $x after a $x sale. Those files have huge value… they are everything. If you are pricing them under $500-1000 and have any sort of legitimate business expenses, I promise you are losing money. (My high resolution negatives are $5500 or $3500 after a $5000 sale, which truly plants the seed that these are the ultimate collection and have a real value.) If you want to work for charity, find a non-profit that is helping the needy.


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