Tuesday, October 19, 2010

35 Photo Retouching Tutorials: Some you may like and some you may not be interested in. But that is what makes it fun, ya know!

Whether you want a glow effect on the bride’s face in her wedding photographs, or want to make an ordinary face more attractive by removing her blemishes or wrinkles, Photoshop is a widely used tool for photo retouching. Photoshop is known as best remedy for giving a fresh look to an old or dull photograph. Today we present some nice tutorials which will take you through different aspects of Professional Photo Retouching.

There are some pretty good tutorials here. You will have to decide which is right for you. Not all are right for me, but I learned a thing or two by checking out the ones I was interested in.

Remember, 'extrapolation' is the name of the game when working with tutorials.

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