Friday, October 15, 2010

Bella Petite Has Some Not-So-Kind Words for Model Mayhem

Allegedly, one of the most misleading model-oriented websites on the internet is called Model Mayhem. Please beware they are a great example of the worst kind of  site, where model hopefuls create a “portfolio” to be seen by other members of the site ranging from photographers to photoshop wizards. Though this may sound like a reasonable way to make your mark in the modeling industry, it’s not.  This is simply an entertainment medium that takes advantage of those hoping to break into the modeling and entertainment industry through enticing subscribers with free and paid memberships to view your photos.

Who are these so-called important people viewing your graphics?  What you need to know is that Model Mayhem does not allow casting directors, publishers, model and talent agents or advertising agencies to join and those are the individuals you need to be seen by to get real work as a model.

Well. Yeah.

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