Saturday, October 16, 2010

MacBook Air Apparent: Interesting discussion on portable computing today

Going forward, I suspect the majority of my computing will be done on the following devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air (and perhaps a ChromeBook, or whatever Google will call their Chrome OS notebooks). It’s becoming all about ultra-portability. As Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said recently, PCs will become like trucks. Desktop computers and these larger laptops will still be around for utilitarian purposes — but I don’t want to have to sit behind one all day. Or worse, have to carry one around.

I want a system that instantly boots. One that’s always connected to the Internet (that could be another interesting play for the new MacBook Air — 3G built-in). One that lasts for a very, very long time. And one that I don’t think twice about carrying around.

My view is nearly the same. Desktops are holding less interest for me. And the iPad has simply changed a lot of my ways of working and doing business.

Yesterday I had a new business meeting and instead of taking my laptop, I took only my iPad. We looked at the clients current site, a list of sites I keep for showing clients, my portfolio and some of his competitors. I made notes on it, made an audio recording of a spec list, shared a list of what was needed on the spot and more. From a lightweight, instantly on device that also had Pandora playing my Coltrane station in the car home.

This new macbook Air sounds really tantalizing to me.

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