Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Book on Lighting: Daily Progress: Day One

1000 words a day.

New book is titled: Lighting Essentials II, Subject Centric Lighting for Contrast and Dimension.

The publisher is Amherst Media.

At least that is the working title. I am sure the words, "digital" and "contemporary" and something else may be considered, but hey - I write 'em and they name 'em.

Introduction piece written today. Will edit this evening.

I just finished reading Steven Pressfields "Do The Work" and realized how I have let the damn demons build a wall around me. Blockage, your ass is mine.

BTW - it is available free for the Kindle (and the kindle app is free for all computers and devices).

Introduction covers what we will be doing in the book. It is drawn a bit from my workshop introductions: "light does the same thing every time." That mantra and theme will be brought out in the book.

1,028 today

1000 words a day. (or more)

Shooting as I go along.

BTW, the first book is due out in October.
Watch for it on the LE site.

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