Monday, May 14, 2012

"It's Curtains for Google! And Facebook! And Tumblr! And ... " Yeah... it could happen. No reason it can't.

To understand tech-company life cycles, you can skip the Harvard Business Review. Instead, study "Citizen Kane." And "Death of a Salesman." And "The Anatomy of Melancholy." And the Old Testament.

And while you're at it -- if, on the eve of Facebook's $100 billion IPO, you really want to grasp tech investing -- "120 Days of Sodom."

I think there is a strong wind a brewin'... and it may be a blowin' down a mast or two, mateys...

Of course... WTF do I really know about anything?

Well, I know enough not to have purchased "GroupOn" stock... heh.

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