Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If you are thinking about borrowing $100K to go to or send your kid to Journalism skule - read this

The younger the person you ask, the less likely it is you’ll find that link between wanting to know what’s going on and grabbing a paper or opening up a news website. They use Pinterest to figure out what’s fashionable and Facebook to see if there’s anything fun going on next weekend. They use Facebook just the same to figure out whether there’s anything they need to be upset about and need to protest against.


Schools selling journalism degrees should be investigated for fraud at this point. I'm serious.

And I just spoke with a young lady who is $83K in debt, working as a waitress and waiting for a chance to work at 'journalism' job (her words).

Problem is... there aren't any.

And the trend is going down down down.

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