Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Battle Royale (But It's Not What You Think)" The difference between "Avengers" and "The King's Speech" - photographically speaking.

Without going into it any further (and risking pissing people off), I'll just say I think the film vs. digital situation in feature films is part of a larger cultural battle—that neither side really needs to "win." I don't mind that other people get Avatar and The Avengers; do they really need to mind that I get The King's Speech and Winter's Bone? (You can thank me for not making a bad pun just there about throwing us traditionalists a bone.)

A worthwhile article, in any case. Might even have something to do with still photography, on some tangent or other, although I'm not going to stretch it that far myself.

Yeah... not sure either must win, but a darn shame that there is such a divide.

However, I know damn sure where I stand. Give me a "King's Speech" or a "Man on Fire" over "Avatar" and "Titanic" any damn day.

And while I love certain illustrative photographers, I have no intention of shooting like that, nor will it hang on my wall.

At least at this moment on this day in May. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, for any reason. Heh.

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