Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Twitter trumps Facebook as primary source of social media intelligence" - as it may refer to my last post...


Let's say you spend your day happily bashing Mitt Romney as being an idiot and all the 'minions' that follow him as being assholes.

Or maybe you have it in your head that Obama is a fool and his 'minions' are all anti-business idiots.

I am thrilled to not give a shit.

But if I am going to hire you, do you think I really want to know that stuff? And wouldn't it suck to find out that the "idiot" followers happened to include the guy who was going to give you a $20K freelance project, or hire you for a nice 6 figure gig in social media?

Cause I am not gonna hire anyone or refer work to anyone who thinks I am a fool. I would rather NOT KNOW, and be happy to know that MY CLIENTS may not know whether my new social media person is a _______ hater.

WTF happened to social graces in this country. You keep on with your bashing. I keep on referring work to people who focus on keeping their clients happy with good work.

Does it mean that you have to gag yourself? No, but it does mean that the conversation remains civil.

Something rarely seen these days...

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Substance McGravitas said...

You do a bunch of posts regarding this theme. I think you've got to live up to it - recognize that you're posting a lot of stuff that calls people fools - or throw the notion out entirely. This, for instance, is self-refuting: WTF happened to social graces in this country.