Monday, June 04, 2012

Band Leader worth $25M (1%'er) PUBLICLY stiffs a photog for $75. Wow - Corporate GREEEED at the highest level

Mark Thomas Tremonti is an Italian American musician and songwriter, with a net worth of $25 million.

Here it shows how the rich people of this world treat small people.

This is rich business man entrepreneur thinks that the little people who only want to be paid for what they should be paid for should be publicly denigrated, humiliated and shown the door.

Now this could be because he was so concerned about the #occupy folks and how 'the man' has been sticking it to the little people, screwing them out of work. Maybe he was busy with his tax accountant trying to find ways to shelter his $25M. Maybe he is so concerned with the homeless and disadvantaged that he was considering trading in his McMansion for a - - - well - smaller McMansion.

I have no idea what the leader of this shitscrement band was doing.

What he WASN"T doing is living what he preaches. Being a duplicitous, two-faced, extremely rich punkwad shows just how far the rubes have fallen.

Yeah, rubes, keep saving up that cash from your low paying jobs so you can go listen to this ULTRA RICH guy tell you about how he feels your pain.

Except, well - he doesn't feel your pain.

He pads his wallet. LOL LOL LOL

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