Monday, June 04, 2012

"When I Won’t Give Away What I Know" - a discussion on the limits of the 'free' economy

Much like other people in my position, I’ve worked really hard, made big sacrifices, and put a lot on the line to do this. But I’m frustrated that there’s another group of folks that are driven more by shortcutting, mooching, and shirking the hard work and aren’t afraid to ask for stuff that to me feels out of line. It has me thinking a bit more about helping others, and whether there can and should be limits.

"I respond to a lot of emails, speak at a ton of events, give away my book, point people to resources I’m familiar with that can be helpful, all that jazz. In short, I’m not at all averse to being helpful and giving stuff away, which is why I’ve written here for four years, published free ebooks, done a bunch of webinars, all of which are chock full of real-world things I’ve experienced and want to share."

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