Monday, July 02, 2012

Photographer Rodney Smith: "Know yourself by getting in touch with your own feelings..." Sage advice

Now this is where I will rub the very core of many of you. You want to be photographers, then make a decision to know yourself, not through some system of belief that overrides individuality by being a follower, but by getting in touch with your true feelings.

You don’t know how. I understand this, and if you come to me free of constraints and restraints and are open, I can show you the door that leads to your unique and individual soul. But this is easier said than done. The guilt and the sense of loss may be too strong. But if you truly want to make your own special pictures, then finding a way to be an individual is hard enough in this world without the constraints of some system that has all the answers.

Then when you know what the heck you are doing - and who you are - make photographs that mean something to you.

Photographs that matter.

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