Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Disruptive: Kickstarter provides more arts funding than NEA - with less corruption and bullshit

I wonder how crowdfunding affects other industries. Kickstarter provided more than $150 million in funding to the arts in 2012, outpacing the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), but is that a lot of money? Does that statistic represent any actual change in the arts? How? And how, then, does that apply to education or the sciences, to healthcare?

Jackley: One of the smartest things Kickstarter has done, in my opinion, is give people a great shopping experience related to the arts, that funds the arts. In essence, they've gotten people to pay $200 for a t-shirt plus the feeling of participation in another artist's endeavor. Artists happen to make pretty great t-shirts (and other creative products or experiences related to their art). I'm not sure healthcare professionals or scientists would as frequently have the skills or the inclination to create awesome t-shirts. I mean, of course they could, but artists spend their lives making art. Art is fun to buy. Healthcare professionals don't make art (in any traditional sense). They care about different goals. They are not focused on making beautiful products or experiences for others to admire and maybe eventually buy.

Disruption... I love it.

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