Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wow: Photographic honesty popping up all over the web these days: Most of us shoot shit!

Being a professional photographer isn’t glamorous and very few of us get to shoot badass assignments all the time that perfectly match up with our personal style. That’s definitely something i’m working towards but it’s not reality. So, here is what I hope is the shittiest photo I shoot on assignment all year. Enjoy!

If you are a commercial photographer, shooting a lot of crap is simply what we have to do. The interwebs make us think that everyone is shooting way amazing stuff every assignments.

Or we see something that was a self-assigned or model shoot that is discussed as if it was a super cool assignment.

"I had a client that needed some awesome headshots for a promotional piece that was going to a very high end selection of clientele."

Client: Wannabee model
Promotional Piece: something to show her agent.
High End Selected Clientele: Agency website.


This post is so damned dead on I can't tell you.

What - you wanna see my shots of aluminum struts on white seamless? Naww - that ain't gonna happen.

Via www.aphotoeditor.com

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