Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"The Legs That Have the Hamptons Up in Arms" - when government byoorokrats decide what 'art' is... well...

We are not persuaded by the argument that a sculpture is ‘art’; and therefore somehow exempt from the Village Zoning Code,” read the board’s unanimous decision handed down in April.

They are not persuaded that sculpture is art.


I guess that must be a new thinking idea that some younguns are jess hell bent driving down the throats of them 'right minded' board members.

Sculpture isn't art. It's a construction thing.

Michaelangelo was a tenant improvement construction guy... "Yo, it's Mikey and the guys here to do some construction of that Milo chick... You got any tuna?"

No problem Hamptons, I will never get a chance to live there. This sort of thing lightens that thought a bit.


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