Wednesday, August 08, 2012

"Critical Thought Is Endangered" (Yes - it is.) Now what can we do to improve it?

But the majority of them are sharing an article because their friends shared it. Because someone they respected tweeted about it, so it MUST be good. Because it’s in Important Business Magazine so surely it’s a useful, worthwhile and well-thought piece of content. Because they scanned a title and a few subheads, thought it sounded halfway smart, and they needed to feed their content machine so someone would retweet them.

The dark side of social media is the dark side of everything.

Manipulation, dis-engagement, number based metrics... you know - the bean counter shit.

When bean counters take over anything, it fails to enlighten or engage.

We need to think a bit more about creating a limitless enthusiasm rather than a metric based stat page.

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