Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Education and the "Teachable Moment"

True story.

Last week at a school here in Phoenix, this incident transformed a situation into an incredible teaching moment. One in which we can all be proud.

A kid who plays football had lost part of his uniform twice in the short amount of time the fall schedule has been in effect.

At a school event, he demanded a new piece of equipment to replace the second one he lost.

The equipment person refused, telling him to continue to look for the one he lost.

The young man threw a piece of equipment at the equipment guy, hitting him straight on. And it hurt. A lot.

He was told to get out, and would not be allowed to participate in the event.

The equipment coordinator called for security.

No one answered.

He called the administration.

No one answered.

Finally - 25 minutes later, he got ahold of security. Telling security that he needed someone immediately, they responded in the timely manner they are known for.

45 minutes later.

(Remember this when they start spewing that "it's fior the children crap". If this had been someone with a gun, there would have been a room full of bodies before anyone who is in charge could be concerned enough to do their fkn job.)

And here is the teachable moment.

The equipment manager was told to get the kid "his damned uniform" piece.

The kid was allowed to be in the event, and smiled at the equipment manager.

The equipment manager was admonished by the administration.

The equipment manager has had 'charges' filed against him by the 'parents' of this miscreant.

(Did I mention that the 'kid' had assaulted the equipment manager - not the other way around?)

There is your learning experience...

Wonderful, wasn't it?

The kids at that school are there to "learn to succeed" he was told - and thuggassshithead has learned that well.

Do what you want. Get what you want. You will be coddled and you have NO responsibility at all.

Great job, public school assholes.

We will have to deal with that kid when he gets out and demands money from someone.

Oh wait, he'll get a 'compassionate' defense attorney who will explain it away as a 'tragedy' for a disenfranchised youth.

We are all so screwed... education is a mess. A total mess.

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