Friday, October 19, 2012

Steve Giralt presents "The Facts Of Life" for photographers. This may be too real for some... sorry.

2. It’s really f-ing hard to become and stay a successful commercial photographer
Let’s say you work hard enough and are lucky enough to build a good client base, you will always be working just as hard to find your next clients and keeping your current clients. A commercial photographer who becomes lazy is a broke photographer. The unfortunately reality of this industry is that fruits come to those who labor the most.

Bottom line... it ain't like the forum trolls who have no fucking idea of what it is really like, but try to act like they do.

It is in no way like the current crop of 'celebrity' internet shooters make it out to be either. "Oh, look at this hot actress I just shot for this wild magazine..."

Yeah, those jobs are everywhere and the editors are just chomping on the bit to give them to untested shooters.

Giralt is the real deal.

Read it, and adjust your current thinking toward what you may THINK you want.

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