Friday, October 19, 2012

Photographer David Stewart interviewed on Feature Shoot: A great read for aspiring Ad shooters

Alice Cooper

I read that you still shoot all of your projects with a large format camera (8×10), which is pretty rare for an advertising photographer.  Why do you choose to stick with film?
“My commissioned work is now all shot digitally due to time constraints and clients/agencies needing to see what they are getting instantly. This means they can change their minds right up to the final moment.

“I do still shoot all of my personal projects on film with a large format camera (8×10). This is the way I learnt and the way I worked on commissions pre-digital. It involves thinking more about what you are shooting and trusting your instincts.

“One of the reasons I have stuck with film for my personal projects is that I would hope to exhibit all this work at some point (large scale). There are still problems with digital files which need post production to rectify.

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