Monday, January 07, 2013

"About Your J-O-B : Erika Napoletano has something for you to consider... and it is advice well worth taking

Here’s how I see it: go ahead. Take the next j-o-b. That paycheck will still come every 2 weeks. You’ll be square with your taxes and can call in sick when the flu bug hits. Use any myriad of excuses you like — and you know they’re excuses because they contain the words “but” and “can’t.” But it’ll still be a j-o-b, but with different potted plants and an ergonomic office chair, and you’ll still have the achy spaces between the paychecks.

Because if you’re going to work for the paycheck, you’re going for the wrong reasons. Money doesn’t solve anything — especially when it comes at a price so high as your happiness and your heart, and you sell your reason for being down the river in the name of a piece of paper with some numbers on them.

I have worked all my life and rarely had a J-O-B...

In fact... I hate them more than Erika does cause I am older and have a deeper capacity to see how they can screw you over. But she will catch up someday... LOL

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