Thursday, March 14, 2013

"collapse, posturing and composure" - If you are a photographer, this may make you a bit uncomfortable. Good.

Collapse is the breeding ground of martyrdom, neediness and self pity. Not attractive.

Sometimes this fools people.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"You failed… or did you?" On the fine art of critiquing photography... or is it? Heh.

So the next time you are debating submitting photo assignments of your penis-selfie, or naked and drunk best friend in a riot to the instructor, or whether the middle finger bomb is going to catch flak I suggest you all keep this in mind. If the people you are learning from fail your pair of harshly lit boobs with a banana between them image and people who shoot campaigns for Vogue are making gobs of money and fame doing the same thing, we have a conflict of opinions and maybe, just maybe, generations.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

"Confessions Of A Nude Model" - GWC's... the girls KNOW who you are. Sad, but oh so true.

The sad truth is that most of the photographers who I worked with were usually men with lucrative jobs who were willing to heavily invest in their “new photography hobby.” Their photos were unfailingly amateur and cheesy, but they were always the ones willing to pay my $150 flat rate for three hours of shooting. During those shoots I always felt like a piece of meat: they most likely booked me just to spend time with a naked girl. Don’t misunderstand, not all of the photographers operated like this; some were very talented and I was deeply honored to work with them. But the large majority of them were creeps.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

"Mostly True: TIME to Start Over" - well... yeah. Photographer Kenneth Jarecke has a great post today.

Synergy is executive speak for, "We're going to make more profit off of your work, we're not going to pay you any more, and you're going to have to work harder."

Synergy is what's behind every rights grabbing contract photographers and writers are now asked to sign.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Award-Winning Photo DQed for Photoshopping" What? You mean someone cares about the 'rules'?

As you can see, the altered version burned out (for the most part) the referee in the background, while dodging the winning athlete’s headgear — the first of which is specifically prohibited in the contest’s rules.

Why would the photographer think anything about the rules?

There is very little attention paid to the rules these days.

Sad commentary on the state of things, isn't it?

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Google Debuts Pixel" - let the games begin... this thing looks simply amazing... I gotta have one

Pichai says his team started working on the Pixel two years ago with the intent of “rethinking everything that’s possible with a laptop.”

With that charge in mind, the Pixel introduces some new ideas, and a few older ones too. The exterior design is impressive: an austere rectangular block of aluminum with subtly rounded edges. The black, inset, squared keys bring Apple MacBooks to mind. The implementation of a touch display can’t be found on Apple laptops yet, but it’s increasingly common on newer Windows 8 machines. But nothing from Apple or the world of Microsoft is quite like the Pixel.

The touchscreen ditches the 16:9 aspect ratio found on most laptops in favor of a 3:2 display that’s more friendly to web browsing.

The touchscreen measures 13 inches and rocks a density of 239 pixels per inch, which results in a resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixels for a total of 4.3 million pixels. And, as expected, discerning individual pixels on the device isn’t easy. The screen is gorgeous.

Yeah... I need another computer like a hole in the head... but damn... I mean it. love the design and the entire package seems right to me.

Lens Flair, Fashion Designers Are Shooting Their Own Campaigns: ... ... I got nothin'...

It all started, as so many such things seem to, with Karl Lagerfeld, the archetypal contemporary designer. “I was the first,” Lagerfeld says magisterially, before admitting that, in fact, “Thierry Mugler did it also many years ago.” Lagerfeld’s initial foray into commercial photography sprang from a spat. “The press packs that I distribute at the show used to be done by has-beens or young debutante photographers,” he explains. “One season at Chanel, in 1987, they did three tests, and they were all awful. I said to the director of fashion imagery, ‘I’m very sorry, but that doesn’t work.’ And he said to me, ‘If you’re going to be like that, do it yourself.’ ” So, being Lagerfeld, he borrowed a Hasselblad, hired an assistant, and did just that.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photographer Michael David Friberg on "Getting Started" in editorial photography.

After you shoot some personal work you are proud of that you think is up to snuff, find some places you think your work fits in and show it to them.  There is no one way anybody does this but that is sort of the baseline. When you are ready, you will know…

Yep... pretty much got it right there.